Accesories for Men

Accessories for Men
Item NoName of ItemDescriptionVic Collections
1Bulldog Sharpener
c. 1940’s
Box containing abrasive paper for sharpening razor blades.more information
2Shaving Scuttle
c. 1950’s
Fill scuttle with hot water; insert shaving brush through the spout, shake excess water off.
Place the soap small top bowl and brush to whip up a rich lather.
more information
3Gillette Safety RazorA shaving implement with a protective device positioned between the edge of the blade and the skin, to reduce injury.more information
4King Gillette Razor BladesDisposable stainless steel razor blades that were thin and inexpensive.
Made of stamped steel
more information
5Opera Glasses and Case
c. 1900
Compact, low-power optical magnification device, usually used at theatre performances, with a leather case.more information
6Jason Razor Strop
c. 1940’s
Flexible strip of leather for sharpening safety shaving razor blades.more information
7Cut-throat razor ‘Sinfonie’
c. 1900 -1930
A man’s cut-throat razor that folds to protect blade inside handle, with a casemore information
8Pocket Watch
c. 1900
A watch that is made to be carried in a pocket. A chain can be attached to the metal ring to prevent the watch from being lost.more information
9Hair Clippers
c. 1940
Manual barbers’ hair clippers with an adjustable wing screw.More information
10Silver Plated Box
c. 1900’s
A small metal box with a hinged lid decorated with a floral design, possibly used as a snuff box, to carry tobacco.
11SpectaclesFine metal framed spectacles with a blue lined case.more information
12Pince-nez SpectaclesA popular style in the 19th century, worn by pinching the bridge of the nose. There are no arms to go over the ears for support.more information
13Cigarette HolderMade of ivory. Cigarette holders were a popular cigarette accessories for decades. They had many uses such as filtering cigarette smoke (if a filtered was inserted into the cigarette holder), being a great fashion accessory and to stop cigarette smoke staining hands.
14Dr Pat Pipe TobaccoA tin which held fine cut tobacco for pipe smoking.more information
15Cigarette PaperCigarette Papers used to make cigarettes.more information
16Boys WatchA boys watch with a nylon band, typical of what the boys wore in Moorabbin in the 1950’s.more information
17Tie Stud and Chainthe stud was pinned into the tie and the chain through button hole to prevent the necktie from moving around.more information
18Miniature Book
c. 1906
The Cricket on the Hearth, by Charles Dickens Miniature books could be easily be carried in the pocket of a waistcoat.
19Sovereign Case
c. 1900
Coin holder with spring-loaded insert with engraved decoration on lid.more information
20Vesta Case
c. 1900
A small, portable box with a roughened strike plate used to carry and ignite matches.more information
21Gold Pocket Watch
c. 1920
A watch that is made to be carried in a pocket. A chain can be attached to the metal ring to prevent the watch from being lost.more information
22Railway Monthly Pass
c. 1921
A Victorian Railway Monthly ticket 1st class, non-smoking for travel between Moorabbin and Mentone July 1921.more information
23Bowler HatA black felt Bowler hat with cream silk lining and black ribbon bandmore information