Evolution of Irons

Ironing is a chore that some enjoy doing and others detest. With the modern appliances of today ironing is a lot easier than it used to be, before the modern iron was invented, the task was not so simple . . . . 

NameCircaVic Collections
MRS POTTS SAD IRON, with removable handle, heated by the kitchen fire.1871-1900more information
SMALL FLAT IRON heated by the kitchen fire.1880more information
BOX OR CHARCOAL IRON The body or “box” of the iron was filled with red-hot coals.1880more information
GAS POWERED IRON Attached to a gas hose fitting that was also used for at night for light in the house.1900-1930more information
COLEMAN SPIRIT FILLED IRON The irons were filled with kerosene.1920more information
“PREMIER SMOOTHWELL” ELECTRIC IRON heated by connecting an electrical flex to a light socket.1935more information