Sewing Cabinet

Sewing and Knitting Crafts

The early settlers of Moorabbin Shire had to be self sufficient making their own clothes, tableware, bed coverings, furnishings and equipment.
The women were skilled dressmakers and craft workers.

Item No.Name of Item.
DescriptionVictorian Collections
1Wool Winder
c. 1860s
A wooden wool winder, with extending arms for winding hanks of wool into balls prior to knitting. For ease of use the winder also rotates. Circa 1860s this winder was made in Ireland.more information
2‘Singer’ Model 20 Sewing Machine
c. 1920
First marketed in 1910, this early version Singer No 20 was sold as both a toy and adult miniature.more information
3Wilcox & Gibbs Sewing machine
c. 1870
A single thread, chain stitch Sewing Machine with a special hand crank mechanism produced in England for the European market, and the glass tension discs which were used on domestic models until 1875.more information
4Child’s Sewing Machine
c. 1940
Child’s small tin-plate toy sewing machine.more information
5Handmade PincushionA foam rubber, cylindrical, pin-cushion decorated with lace ribbon. With steel dressmaking pins.
more information
6Wooden Pin Tray
c. 1920
A polished wood tray used by women to hold pins when dressmaking, crocheting or mending clothes and linenmore information
7Lusecor Fan Card of threads for hosiery.A fine, smooth cotton thread used especially for stockings.
8Newy’s Spring hooks Made by Newy Bros. Ltd, in Birmingham, England
9Darning Mushroom
c. 1880
Darning ‘mushrooms’ were used to repair any woollen garment, such as socks, jumpers and ladies cotton or Lyle stockings.more information
10Tape Measure
c. 1880
c1880 A tiny, retractable, tape measure, in Imperial measure, is made of polished timber with a brass winder and ivory handle.more information
11Sewing Container with threads and needles
20th C
These cotton and silk threads are examples of those used for dressmaking, crochet and needlework by the women of the early settler families who made, mended or darned the clothes and hosiery in Moorabbin Shire c1900more information
12Buttons on Card
c. 1900
more information
13Needles packetThe case contains four paper packets each containing sewing needles of a different gauge. Each packet of needles is 3 1/2 cms long and 1 cm wide.more information
14Box of attachments for Singer Sewing MachineContaining different feet for machine, screw driver, brush for cleaning machine, spare needles, tiny bobbin.more information