Our stories

A Leather Gladstone Bag

On the top shelf of a bookcase, gathering dust and providing an excellent spot for a spider to weave their web, sat a leather bag. Curiosity could not leave it sitting there, she had to find out more about the bag. …. [Read more] ….

Whitmuir Hall

If Only the Walls Could Talk

A childhood memory of seeing an old house on the top of the hill, across open paddocks and the Elster Creek,  inspired a member of the historical society to dig deeper into the history of the old house in Yawla Street, Bentleigh. …. [Read more] ….

Moorabbin Historical Society celebrates 60 years

October 2020 marks the 60th anniversary of the Moorabbin Historical Society. Glen Eira Council spoke with Joan Moore and Carol Poole about the early years of the Society and plans for the future  …. [Read more] ….

1918 wedding dress

Mary Louisa Closter wore this beautiful silk wedding dress on the day she married Alonzo Sheldrake Box, 12 June 1918 at Holy Trinty Anglican Church, Oakleigh  …. [Read more] ….

Market Gardens of Moorabbin

1894 – A newspaper article describes how a market gardener, Mr Stayner grew his crops of fruit and vegetables at his property on Highett Road, South Brighton, now know as Highett  …. [Read more] ….

Market Gardeners' Picnic

1899 – The Market Gardeners of Melbourne and their families looked forward to the Annual Picnic. It was one of the few days that work ceased on their properties. …. [Read more] ….

Benevolent Community

1914 – The community came to the aide of a young man stricken with paralysis. They raised funds to build a small cottage in Pine Street, Cheltenham   …. [Read more] ….

The Sounds of Old Moorabbin

Close your eyes and imagine the sounds you would hear if you lived in Moorabbin in the eighteen-seventies.    …. [Read more] ….

School Holidays in the early 1900's

How did the children of the Shire of Moorabbin spend their school holidays in the early 1900’s?   …. [Read more] ….